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(Instead, contact a Reference Librarian.)

  • ILL is a service available to students, faculty and staff at ACC for books and articles not available in ACC libraries.
    ILL is provided for ACC curriculum design and assignment research and information for current ACC students, faculty and staff.
  • ILL is not a guaranteed service. For example, you may request material which no other library is willing to lend.
  • Reference materials, reserve materials, audiovisuals, textbooks, etc., are not borrowed through ILL.
  • We request material electronically.
    If no response is received from the lending library, we cannot determine why an item was not lent.
  • ACC library staff will try all possibilities to get the material by the date you have indicated, but the minimum length of time for receipt of material is 10 to 14 days. You may have to wait longer.
Read about ACC Interlibrary Loan Guidelines & Policies regarding futher restrictions.

There may be charges associated with your ILL request. Please indicate whether you would still like the material if costs are added by choosing the appropriate option. *

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Example: Feb 2004,volume 112,issue2,pages 350-374
Once you select Submit, you are done! An Interlibrary Loan team member will only contact you if there are questions about your request. Do not hesitate to telephone our office if you have questions.
(512) 223-3463 weekdays (8am-5pm)
Thanks for submitting a request!
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