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Blue Plum Arts and Music Festival
June 3-4, 2022
 Arts/Crafts/Boutiques Vendor Information, Policies and Procedures

Please Apply Prior to May 1st, 2022!

The Blue Plum Organization is excited to present the Annual Blue Plum Festival! Last year's Blue Plum Festival was quite popular, with estimates of over 20,000 in total attendance. The 2022 Blue Plum Festival will feature local and national entertainment, handmade arts and crafts, children’s activities, special events and a wide variety of foods. Please contact for sponsor info.

Application Requirements:

  • Review of all Blue Plum Policies and Procedures
  • Completion of Online Registration Form
  • Payment of $25 per space Registration Fee (non-refundable, but will be applied to Booth Fee if accepted)
  • Photos of goods and display (arts/crafts/boutiques only)


Booth Fees (per 10’x10’ space):

  • Regular Registration, registration recieved by May 1st -- $150
  • Late Registration, registration recieved after May 15th -- $225

Written notice of cancellation/withdrawal from the 2022 Blue Plum Festival must be received/postmarked by May 8, 2022. No refunds will be available after that date.


You must submit 3-6 photos representing your work/products, along with a written description of each. You also must submit a photo of your booth/display. Booth appearance must adhere to festival standards; well-designed, professional displays are expected. Mail or email your photos along with your application.

These photos are your way of showing the booth selection committee what sets you apart from other vendors. Take advantage of that opportunity!

Vendors exhibiting jewelry, please concentrate on providing detailed photos and descriptions. At times, it has been difficult to clearly see and understand what makes some vendors really stand out.


Notice of acceptance to the 2022 Blue Plum Festival will be made on or before May 8, 2022. When accepted to the 2022 Blue Plum Festival, you will receive a packet with information for what to expect and plan for before arriving at the festival.  Things like where to check-in, parking options, city licensing, etc. Be on the lookout for this information. Please note that acceptance is chosen by a jury selection. Be aware that if you are not chosen, you will not receive a refund of your application fee of $25.

Booth Space:

All spaces are 10’ x 10’. You are expected to contain your booth within that area! If you need more space, plan accordingly and purchase those when applying to the festival.

The Blue Plum Festival Committee will assign specific spaces to each accepted vendor. The space will be sold for festival days only. The Blue Plum Festival Committee will allow special requests, but cannot guarantee they will be accommodated.

Exhibitors shall not sublet, assign, donate or trade its assigned space.

If you are confirmed for electrical access, you must provide your own electrical cords. Cords over 50’ will not be necessary. Generators are NOT permitted.

Festival Operations:

2022 Blue Plum Festival Hours

Friday June 3rd, 4pm-10pm

Saturday June 4th, 11 am-10pm

Blue Plum Festival is an outdoor festival and will proceed rain or shine. Exhibitors are responsible for their own protection from the elements. All tents must be secured in case of wind. Staking into the ground is not permitted in Founders Park. No wooden structures are allowed.

All booths shall be ready for business one hour prior to festival hours and remain open until at least 5 pm both days. Be prepared to stay late as past years have shown very good traffic in the evening hours. Failure to adhere to operation hours without committee approval will result in an immediate warning and possible exclusion from future festivals.

For the safety of attendees, staff and private property, absolutely no exhibitor vehicles will be allowed in the festival footprint between 10 am on Friday June 3th and 11:59 pm Saturday June 4th.

There is no reserved vendor parking lot, and illegal parking can result in towing. A parking map will be provided with your confirmation packet.

All exhibitor activity must be conducted within the assigned space ONLY. Sidewalks must remain unobstructed at all times, per Johnson City Fire Code. Failure to comply will result in immediate warning and possible exclusion from Blue Plum Festival(s).

The exhibitor shall comply with all laws, ordinances, rules and regulations of any and all lawful authority, agency or governmental units which apply to the City of Johnson City. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Blue Plum Festival, the Blue Plum Organization, the City of Johnson City, their officers, directors, representatives, employees and agents for any penalties, fines costs, expenses or damages from participating exhibitor’s failure to comply with such laws.

All committee decisions are final.


The Blue Plum Festival, the Blue Plum Organization, and the City of Johnson City, their officers, directors, representatives, employees and agents are NOT responsible for losses of any kind, whether by fire, theft, physical violence, elements of nature, or any other cause however originating. Exhibitors are responsible for their own security.

Special Requirements:

For businesses without a license from the State of Tennessee, the City of Johnson City requires a temporary vendor’s license which is available only at City Hall. The cost of this permit is $50. Please contact City Hall for information regarding this permit at 423-434-6000. Do not use this number for festival information, only city vendor permits.

Tent Requirements:

All vendors MUST adhere to the below tent policy. No exceptions will be made!

Click to View the Tent Requirements Checklist


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