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Agency - Cities, counties, special districts, and state agencies—annual fee depends on population served. Entitles 10 people to membership benefits. Once you select "Agency" as your Membership Level, you will be able to enter the contact information for the people below.

Change Maker - Individual local elected officials, government staff, CBO staff, community leaders, and supporters. Includes an acknowledgment on our social media.

Leader - Individual local elected officials, government staff, community leaders, and supporters.

Student - Students, CivicSpark Fellows, and CivicSpark alumni.

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Community Vision and Smart Growth Successes

In an effort to better meet the needs of our members we would like to gather some information regarding our members' vision for a great community and smart growth successes.
The CivicWell national network is made up of policymakers and emerging leaders. Together, our members pursue innovative smart-growth and climate resilience strategies, seek new partners and tools to build thriving communities, strengthen local economies, and enrich the lives of all residents.

With the help of our network of visionary local elected officials and community leaders, we work to transform communities by inspiring each other and sharing promising strategies for resilient and equitable communities. As a CivicWell member, you will have access to our direct assistance and practical tools for implementing on-the-ground successes in your community.