2024-25 CivicSpark Partner Application

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Application Process Overview

Welcome to CivicSpark's Project Proposal Application for the 2024-25 service year. Your application will help CivicWell staff understand your project, identify the alignment of your project with program priorities, and ensure your project is eligible for CivicSpark support. If you have multiple projects with varying Supervisors and need multiple Fellows, you will need to submit a separate application for each. If you have various projects with one supervisor, you can submit one application.

Completion of the application form does not ensure you a placement, nor does it obligate you or your agency to participate in any way. The entire process is outlined below. For additional information about the process or the application, please refer to our website.

  1. Submit application. 
  2. Participate in a proposal review call with CivicWell staff to ensure fit with CivicWell Strategic Priorities and the CivicSpark mission and structure.
  3. If approved, you must complete: 
    1. Service Agreement: Your agency/organization and CivicWell execute a Service Agreement (contract) outlining mutual roles, expectations, responsibilities, and terms of payment.
    2. Candidate Interviews: You (and your designated “Site Supervisor” if not you) review and interview pre-screened candidates and notify CivicWell of interest in candidates. 
    3. Orientation: Site Supervisor participates in an Orientation webinar and completes an eligibility form. 
    4. Site Preparation: Site staff prepare for the Fellow(s) arrival, including work space, computer, etc. 

You can save the application by creating an account at the bottom of this page. Please save your username and password. You can login again via this link. You can also view a sample of the whole application here.

All fields marked with a red *are required.

AmeriCorps Policies and Fiscal Contribution

AmeriCorps Restrictions:

Before diving into the application, we want to be sure that you understand certain conditions we have for the program.

As a federally funded program, CivicSpark Fellows are only allowed to work on contracted activities, not engage in fundraising, and are prohibited from engaging in certain activities. Please review the list of restrictions on Fellow activities (see link below). Once you have reviewed this list, check the box below indicating that you understand these restrictions and agree that Fellows will only engage in allowable activities while implementing your project scope.

Please review the Prohibited Activities before checking the box below

I understand the program restrictions and agree that Fellows will only engage in allowable activities during the implementation of our project scope. *

Fiscal Contribution:

CivicSpark Fellow positions are funded in part by AmeriCorps, and in part by participating organizations (such as yourself). Receiving CivicSpark support requires a fiscal contribution that covers Fellow living allowance, workers compensation and liability insurance, Fellow benefits, and programmatic operating costs including professional development and CivicSpark staff support for Fellows. For additional details on cost refer to the "Project Partner" page on our website and scroll down to “Partnership Details” Section and click on the “Fiscal Contribution” tab. Note that costs vary by state, as noted below:

  • $31,000 for organizations in CA, CO, HI, and WA.
  • $29,000 for organizations in FL and northern VA (Northern/DC region)
  • $25,000 for organizations in AL, AR, GA, LA, MS, NC, PR, SC, TN, VA (southern/non-DC region).

The fiscal contribution is billed upfront or in 4 equal quarterly payments (specifics are discussed during contracting). 

If your organization is being sponsored by a third-party, you will be responsible for securing the funds from the sponsor and contracting with them for the funds. CivicSpark will then contract directly with your agency. CivicSpark staff are not able to support searching for or securing funds for organizations. If the sponsoring agency is funding multiple Fellows and is working with us directly, your agency will have a non-fiscal MOU with us.

You can also find more information in the Partner FAQ page.

I have reviewed the Fiscal Contribution section and agree to securing funding for and/or paying for the amount noted for the state my organization is in if we receive a Fellow. *