Sex Worker Giving Circle Fellowship Application

Thank you for considering becoming a Sex Worker Giving Circle Fellow! Please read over the application materials before filling out this form.

You *must* live within two hours of the NYC area and be able to attend all meetings in person in order to participate.

Please note that Fellows may not apply for grants from the same circle that they participate in.

We’ll be carefully reviewing candidates to make sure we have a great mix of experiences, identities, and skills in the Giving Circle.

We're doing this in part because we are centering people most impacted by oppression in this giving circle and in our work; in particular Black people, Indigenous people, and people of color; immigrants and undocumented people; trans and GNC people; working class and low income people; people with experience of street-based work; chronically ill and disabled people, people with substance use experiences; and people with experience with the criminal legal system.

We expect to receive a lot of fabulous applications, so because of size limitations as well as the value of having a range of backgrounds and experiences in the mix, we may not be able to accept everyone as Fellows this time around. We’re grateful for the time it takes to fill out this application and for the magic each one of you brings to the table and we’ll follow up with each of you personally to let you know about our decision.

Applications must be received by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Sunday, April 15. We may follow up with you to schedule a one-to-one phone call to get to know you a little better. Invitations to join the giving circle will be made by April 25.

This form uses secure encryption to keep your information safe. For more information about our confidentiality practices, please see the application materials.

If you do not feel comfortable answering these questions online (which we totally understand!), or if you have any other questions, please email us at (or for super high levels of encryption) to talk via phone or in-person meeting.

This application will take about 30 minutes to complete. You may want to write your responses in a separate document before submitting them here. Thank you for applying!

Si necesita una versión en español de esta aplicación, envíenos un correo electrónico por los materiales de apoyo y haga clic aquí para llenar su aplicación.

Time Commitment:

This project requires a commitment of a minimum of 15 hours per month over four-and-a-half months (April-August). This will include multiple in-person meetings and trainings, and several will be day-long. Meals and local travel stipends will be provided, as well as translation, interpretation, and childcare when requested.

The dates of these meetings are set and final. All meetings will take place near downtown Brooklyn in a wheelchair accessible building with single-user gender-neutral restrooms and gendered restrooms.

Please note: you will not be invited to become a Fellow until April 25th. Please reserve the weekend of April 28th and 29th for orientation.

When you apply to join the project, you are committing to all of these dates and must identify any potential conflicts:     

Saturday, April 28, 3-6 pm:  Orientation & Introductions 

Sunday, April 29, 12-6 pm:  Race and Class Workshops

Thursday, May 10, 6-9 pm:  Philanthropy 101

Sunday, May 20, 1-6 pm:  Grantmaking & Fundraising Training 

Thursday June 7, 6-9 pm:  Process Review & Support 

3rd & 4th Weeks of June : Small Group Check-Ins

Sunday, July 15, 12-6 pm:  Funding Screening Meeting 

3rd and 4th Weeks of July:  Virtual Site Visits

Sunday, July 29th, 12-6 pm:  Final Funding Meeting  

Sunday, August 5, 2-5 pm:  Evaluation & Closing Meeting 

2nd Week of August (date to be decided): Celebration!

Can you commit to attending on all of these dates? *
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