Donor Guidelines and Recommendations 

Thank you for supporting Cy-Fair Helping Hands by participating in the Festival of Trees. The following guidelines will help your decorating team create a magical tree that will be elegantly or playfully displayed and auctioned. 

You can decorate your tree at home, work, or wherever you choose, but we invite you to decorate your tree at our facility. Please bring your supplies (scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, wire, wire cutters, chenille stems, power strip, extension cord, ladder or stepstool, etc.) Please get in touch with if you wish to schedule a day and time to decorate your tree at Cy-Fair Helping Hands.

Please deliver your completed item(s) no later than Monday, November 6, to Cy-Fair Helping Hands, 9606 Kirkton Dr. Houston, TX 77095, Monday through Thursday between 9:30 am and noon. 

Your item(s) is a tax-deductible donation to CFHH’s Festival of Trees, and a form will be available upon request at the time of delivery. Your gift becomes the sole property of CFHH’s Festival of Trees, including trees, décor and trim, lights, items and props, and tree skirts.

  • Use high-quality permanent materials.
  • All ornaments and lights must be carefully secured to the branches.
  • Please provide the batteries if your tree or wreath includes battery-powered lights.
  • DO NOT use edible items, dried flowers or any other dried plant material, or sharp and possible harmful items (i.e., fish hooks)


  • Recommended tree sizes are from 2 feet to 7 feet. Trees must be artificial.
  • Please decorate trees to be viewed from all sides.
  • All trees must have operating lights. We suggest mini incandescent or LED lights. No blinking lights, please.
  • Completed trees require a finished base. This may be a tree skirt, box, planter pot, etc. Please ensure that your base is VERY stable if you choose to use a box, planter pots, etc. PLEASE DO NOT USE CEMENT, as this is too hard to carry. Foam insulation works well—no “wobbly” bases.


  • Wreaths should be a minimum of 18 inches.
  • Please ensure your wreath has a secure hanger and supports the weight of your decorations.
  • The donor form must be completed and submitted to CFHH no later than November 3 for the entry to be recognized in the event program and literature.
Festival of Trees Donor Form
Name as you wish it to appear in the program:
Item *
Please describe your item. Include any special information such as a special theme, a brief description of the color scheme and/or the decorations [e.g., red and gold decorations bringing to mind the Victorian era], items under the tree, if the tree is decorated in memory of someone, any handmade ornaments, gift certificates, etc. Your description (edited for space) will appear in the program.
By submitting this donor form, you agree to follow the established guidelines and acknowledge that you understand that your donation becomes the sole property of CFHH's Festival of Trees and that all items displayed with the tree will be sold.
The donor form must be completed and submitted to CFHH no later than October 23, 2023 for the entry to be recognized in the event program and literature.
We thank you for supporting Cy-Fair Helping Hands!