This is the application form for membership of Bray Wheelers Cycling Club.
Before you start, please note the following :
1. Ensure that you are in possession of an email from Cycling Ireland with your current licence number on it. You cannot join the club if you not a current member of Cycling Ireland.
2. If you are Under 18 (born 2001 and afterwards), membership of the club is free but your parent / legal guardian must be present to sign the form as well.
3. All payments must be made with a credit or debit card so have it to hand.
All data entered into this form will be used soley for advising you of club activities and notifications. The data will not be sold to third parties or passed onto fellow club members unless it is for the use of advising of the activities of the club. Credit card information is not stored on this site.

Typical examples of Licence / Membership Number from CI
LM-xxxxxx Leisure
20A4xxxx Competitve A4 rider
19A4xxxx Competitive A4 rider
20A3xxxx Competitive A3 rider
19U18xxxx Competitive U18 rider
19LCxxxx Limited competition rider
[please try and keep the number as per your email from CI for cross referencing purposes]
You are under 18 so your membership is free !
Select your gender : *
You get 50% discount for 2nd or subsequent family members only.
Please can you email with proof of your student identity.
Select from the following options : *
Club Races
Marshalling requirement :
As part of my membership to Bray Wheelers, I agree to marshal at one of the following events : *
I wish to become a member of Bray Wheelers Cycling Club and I hereby undertake to abide by all rules of the club, to know and adhere to the rules of the road and abide by all the decisions of the executive committee. I understand and accept that because of the possibility of accidents and mishaps occurring at speed, there exists a possibility of serious physical injury and damage to property occurring and I therefore agree to indemnify Bray Wheelers Cycling Club, its committee, members and agents from liability for personal injury or loss of any kind whatsoever and from liability for any loss or damage to property which I may, at any time, sustain. I declare that I am medically and physically fit and able to participate in Cycling Activities. I acknowledge that I must, and I agree that I will, disclose any pre-existing medical or other condition that may affect the risk that either I or any other person will suffer injury, loss or damage. Should you be in any doubt, advice should be sought from your family doctor. I agree to follow any rules set by the organiser in connection with any Bray Wheelers cycling activities. In particular, I acknowledge that it is compulsory to wear a helmet at all times during Bray Wheelers cycling activities. Bray Wheelers reserve the right of membership.
Signature : *
As you are Under 18, the following section must be complete :
I/we being the parent/parents/legal guardian of the applicant, having read and understood the above declaration, agree to being bound by its clauses, on the applicants behalf and give my/our consent for the applicant to participate in the activities of Bray Wheelers Cycling Club.
Signature of parent / legal guardian : *