Coping Skills Assessment

How we cope reflects:
(1) how we respond to adversity
(2) how resilient we are in life
(3) our emotional and physiological well-being
When we experience stress, we cope by regulating and adapting our emotions, thoughts, and actions to reduce our discomfort/suffering and improve our well-being.
Our coping strategy describes how we cope. Examples include:
- Managing how we react emotionally (emotion-focused)
- Modifying the way we think about the trigger (appraisal-focused)
- Proactively to eliminate the actual source of our stress (problem-focused)
The coping strategy we employ is highly person- and context-dependent. However, in general, the more coping skills and strategies we use, the more effective we are in responding to our stressors.

The purpose of the 52 Essential Coping Skills is to help you improve your skills and strategies for handling the stressors in your life.

This assessment is designed to help you understand how you currently cope and how to personalize your 52 Essential Coping Skills.
This scale is an abridged version of the COPE inventory that was developed in research to assess the different ways in which people generally respond to stress. You will respond to 28 statements related to adaptive and maladaptive coping strategies.

Upon completion, your results will include:

(1) an overview of your current coping style, organized into 14 categories.

(2) a guide on how to personalize 52 Essential Coping Skills cards to address your current needs.

Scale Citation:
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Take this assessment to learn about your coping style and personalize your 52 Essential Coping Skills cards.