Membership Application for the Gaithersburg Artist Collective
Current Gallery Location: "Artists on Market" at RIO
Sponsored by the Kentlands Community Foundation
Jurying will take place on a regularly scheduled basis.  
January 31 2020

The Gaithersburg Artist Collective (GAC) is a Maryland nonprofit corporation that is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. Its mission is to promote high standards in the visual arts, to exchange ideas about the visual arts, and to stimulate community interest in the visual arts. Among its activities is the administration of a pop-up gallery, Artists on Market (AOM), on behalf of the Kentlands Community Foundation (KCF). We also anticipate developing educational programming that will be taught by our members.

This application will be reviewed by a jurying committee for membership in the GAC. No application will be juried until all information is complete and payment of the application fee has been received. There are no refunds of the application fee. Submittal of the application does not guarantee an invitation for membership. In some instances, an artist will be asked to meet with representatives of the jurying committee for an in person review of their work.

Basic Information
All artists wishing to participate in GAC's membership activities, including AOM, must be invited to join GAC. The GAC is member-governed.

Membership is effective for a period of one year.  Members in good standing will be invited to renew their membership without reapplying.  More information about GAC and membership may be found at:

Members pay a monthly fee to be part of GAC.

Members MUST join and actively participate on GAC committees and are required regularly to volunteer in support of GAC’s mission.  

GAC is governed by an established set of bylaws, as well as rules and regulations. Artists not in compliance with the bylaws, rules and regulations set by GAC will be asked to leave GAC immediately without a refund of any fees paid.

Member artwork will be rotated in and out of any exhibition space on a regular basis. This process is overseen by the Exhibition Committee. A member who chooses not to enter an exhibit is still responsible for regular duties and dues.

In addition to exhibiting and selling work, members may use GAC space for work or meetings, according to the current location rules.  

All work exhibited in GAC locations must be of original design and executed by the artist member (“handcrafted”). The artist member may only exhibit his/her own work.

For locations in partnership with KCF, KCF reserves the right to request that any artwork it considers inappropriate be removed from the pop-up premises. Works exhibited are subject to the approval of KCF's Executive Director.

Sales and Sales Tax
GAC will handle all sales transactions of artwork on premises, including the collection and remittance of sales tax. GAC will retain a commission on all sales.
All artists will need to take precautions and self-insure their own work and equipment. GAC will not provide insurance. GAC, KCF and the landlord of any leased exhibition space do not assume liability for loss or damage to artwork exhibited or equipment brought on premises.
The gallery exhibition space is shared by all members who are in good standing. There are no assigned spaces and the Exhibitions Committee will determine the maximum amount of work each artist member may exhibit during any specific period. Artists will need to bring in their own specialized display equipment, along with the artwork.

The above information does not constitute the full membership agreement, bylaws, rules or regulations or all information about GAC or the AOM location. We encourage you to review the detailed information at If you have any questions, please contact 


Applicant Information

Artist Signature

I understand that I am applying to become part of the Gaithersburg Artist Collective (GAC).  The information in this application will be reviewed by a jury committee.  If my application passes the jury selection, an invitation to join GAC will be issued and I will have 30 days to sign the membership agreement, any related paperwork, and provide my first dues. If I do not sign the paperwork and pay dues within the 30 days, my invitation to membership will be considered declined and the invitation rescinded. If I decide to participate in the future, I will need to re-apply and pay a new application fee.  I may not participate in any GAC activities until an agreement is signed and dues are paid.

I have reviewed the membership agreement, related paperwork, and the current bylaws, rules and regulations.  

I understand that my application will not be considered until all requested information is provided and the application fee has been received.

I understand there is no refund of the application fee.

I understand submittal of an application does not guarantee an invitation for membership into the Gaithersburg Artist Collective.

All information provided within this application and its attachments is accurate, complete and true.  All images provided are of my own artwork.

Signature *

Application Fee

Application Fee *

In order for your application to be complete, we must receive a check or money order made payable to "Gaithersburg Artist Collective."  No cash please.  Please ensure the same name used in the application is also listed on the payment.

Please mail the payment to: 

Gaithersburg Artist Collective
PO Box 83086
Gaithersburg, MD 20883-3086

No application for membership will be reviewed by the jury committee until all required information and the applicaiton fee is received. The application fee is non-refundable.


About Your Artwork

Medium(s) *

File Uploads

VERY IMPORTANT!  Please include both your first and last name in the file name of every file that you upload.  We cannot accept applications that do not have this information in the attachment file names.

Type of Application

What would you like to be considered for? *

Reason for Application

Membership Participation

Every member must help monitor and handle sales in the galleries in which they are displaying art every month. This generally will be about 6 hours a month, but will be more during the Holiday season. Will you be able to provide these hours? *


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