Education Week 2020

Register your activity on the Education Week website and apply for grant funding

Please complete this application to promote your organisation's event on the official Education Week website.
If you are an eligible, not-for-profit organisation, you may also use this application to apply for a grant to support your activity. 
You will need to provide details of your organisation and Education Week activity, including your name, address, contacts, sessions, dates, purpose and more. You will also be asked to outline how many people can participate in your activity as well as how it supports the theme of 'Celebrating STEM' (science, technology, engineering or mathematics).
If you are registering more than one activity type, please complete a separate application for each activity.

If you are registering one activity type with multiple session dates or times, one application is enough. Please ensure the various dates or times are outlined clearly in the activity summary section of the application.

Eligibility guidelines

Before continuing this application, please ensure you have read the eligibility guidelines for promoting your activity on the Education Week website and for applying for an Education Week grant.
Have you read the eligibility guidelines? *