Consent to Therapy During Coronavirus Pandemic


The novel coronavirus disease COVID19 is a viral disease for which there is no curative treatment. The disease can result in severe viral pneumonia and later bacterial infections. We do not know what effect our treatments may have on your risk of contracting the disease or the course of the disease. Steroids are frequently used in our treatments. There is evidence steroids can help in severe cases of Covid-19 but we can’t say what effect a steroid injection will have on the development or progression of Covid-19. We will only use steroids when we know they improve the efficacy of our treatments. If they do not add significant benefit we will leave them out. I understand that the potential complications of steroids in Covid-19 infection are not fully known and that complications might occur.

To reduce risk to our patients and staff we will be reducing patient flow in the office. Certain populations are at greater risk and need to weigh the benefits to risks when it comes to pain management treatments.  Elderly patients greater than 65 years of age and patients  with medical comorbidities such as lung or heart conditions, diabetes, or cancer as well as patients who have weak immune systems are at greater risk from this disease. These patients should reschedule when their conditions are improved, after having received the Covid-19 vaccine, or the pandemic has passed.  Treatment of patients at a greater risk may be treated on a case-by-case basis.  

All patients and staff will be checked for fever or signs of illness upon entry to the building. We cannot guarantee that you will not become infected by visiting this office. 

By signing this form you acknowledge that you have been informed about the risks of undergoing treatments for your pain during this pandemic situation. 

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