Lockbox Rental Agreement

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Lockbox Rental Agreement:
YDSPS holds your deposit until you return the lockbox to our main office. At which time, pending lockbox is in working condition and no major damage, YDSPS will return your full deposit within ten (10) business days. Payment will be returned to the same Paypal account you sent your deposit. If the lockbox is damaged due to neglect or misuse by a party other than a member of the YDSPS team, then you wave partial or all of your deposit to cover repair or replacement costs. You have the option to choose the lockcode for the lockbox.
To return your lockbox make arrangements with the YDSPS to return to our drop location located at 11160-C1 South Lakes Drive 803, Reston, VA 20191(UPS Store). You may also schedule a lockbox pickup with one of our team members for $15.00. If you have chosen to purchase a used Lockbox, you agree that all sales are final, no returns.
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