Renaissance COC Naming Opportunities 

Is this a group Naming Request? If yes, please list the full names of the other individuals that will be part of your group.


Non-endowed funding commitments, qualify for a naming opportunity. In such cases, it is critical that funding streams be committed to “in writing” for a period of no less than one year and no greater than four years as outlined by the non-endowed funding amount. It is also necessary that the donor and Renaissance Church of Christ “in writing” commit that the naming is to last no longer than the lifetime of the structure once full payment has been received.  

Please select the space you or your group may be interested in naming.
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- Any gift that includes the establishment of an endowment or the naming of a Physical Space must include a formal Gift Agreement.  

- At the signing of the formal Gift Agreement, the first year minimum rate must be paid.

- Naming Opportunities can be the effort of an individual, group of individuals or organization.