Call for Proposals Application

We appreciate your interest in submitting a proposal for your professional development workshop at the 13th Annual Conference.
The Annual Conference will be held December 7 - 9, 2017 at 2500 West Oak Ridge Road, Orlando, Florida 32809.

To ensure proper consideration, please fill in the information below as completely and accurately as possible. Only those activities that have been approved will be awarded Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Activities not approved for CEUs will be issued in-service contact hours only. 
For more information contact, Green Apple Accreditation of Children's Services at

Presenter(s) Information

Presenter Information: List the lead presenter and co-presenter's full name, title of presentation, and description of presentation.

What are the Learning Objectives? Learning Objectives are a statement of the presenter’s expectations of the student performance at the end of the session. Click the green plus sign to add more objectives. *

2017 Conference Session Availability

Session Availability: Check whether or not you are available for the general or concurrent workshop session.
General Session Availability *
Concurrent Workshop Session Availability for Friday, December 8, 2017. *
Concurrent Workshop Availability for Saturday, December 9, 2017 *

Employment Information

Employment Information: Provide the employment information for the Lead Presenter and Co-Presenters. If all the presenters work for the same company then list the employment information once.
Lead Presenter Employer Information
Co-Presenter Employer Information
Co-Presenter Employer Information
Co-Presenter Employer Information

Activities and Assessment

Active Learning Strategies: Sessions must include activities that promote active involvement by participants/learners. Active participation enhances the learning experience and enables the educator to better assess whether the learning objectives/outcomes have been achieved.

Check all applicable. *
Describe how you will measure achievement of expected learning objectives/outcomes. All sessions must have a Pre and Post Assessment/Test.
Assessment Questions: Please write a minimum of two assessment questions along with the answers for each objective. Click the plus sign to add more questions. Click the minus sign to delete a question. Remember to include the Answer to each question below the Question.
For example, Q1. What is the definition of accreditation? A1 Accreditation is the voluntary committment to  quality assurance, self evaluation, peer review, and compliance....etc.
Pre and Post Test with Answer Key *