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These are the same materials that we use in our tutoring services, but you may buy them seperately if you wish.
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Thank you! It is our honor to work with you during your transition. We will contact you to customize your training to make sure it is an exact fit. Once we customize training, we submit the learning plan to your Counselor for approval. Upon approval, you will have immediate access to our 24/7 scheduling portal so that you may begin your training classes as soon as you would like.
REMINDER: All students are able to blend in-person classroom training sessions (at all of our locations) with remote classroom training sessions. In addition, you will receive Bravura Training manuals and lesson files for at home practice - should you like that.
If you have questions, please contact Annie Horovitz-Niccum at 952.388.1188 (phone/text). Text or Email may be fastest.
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