Training Scholarship Form

Thank you for signing up for the HueLife Training Scholarship! These scholarships provide free attendance to those who can not afford our courses at the standard tiered pricing rate.
We offer scholarships for ToP and HUE Course. 
Scholarship applicants will be notified 1-2 weeks prior to a course start date regarding availability. When choosing a course or courses that you are interested in receiving a scholarship for, please note that there may be more than one opportunity to use your scholarship if you cannot attend a course that is available at the time.
Scholarship applicants cannot specify the course dates that they are interested in, only the course type. 
The scholarships are available to those who are unable to afford the lowest tiered price of the requested course, including:
  • An undergraduate or high school students
  • Veterans seeking development opportunities
  • People in transition, currently unemployed
  • Staff and volunteers of very small non-profits (annual budget of $500,000 or less)
  • Civic groups and neighborhood groups
If seeking a scholarship for more than one course, please submit an application for each desired course separately; if you don't know where to start, please contact us at 
Please DO NOT register for a course as a placeholder without hearing about your application. 
I am interested in: *
I am able to attend trainings at a short notice (1-2 weeks prior before course) *