Why Am I Doing This?
I'm not the only one with opinions, facts, and merchandise that deserve to be amplified! My platform is for the people and their voices. My platform is also for black businesses. I want Intelexual Media Affiliates to be seen and heard. This program will give you a chance to grow without destroying your marketing budget. I want to extend a helping hand to whoever I can. I cant wait to enjoy all of your content and products and neither can my supporters! 
What Affiliates Get
This marketing package is for Intelexual Media Affiliates ONLY! :D
  1. A profile on the Intelexual Media Affiliate page, coming to Intelexual Media. The website has been visited 30,000 times in the past month. Your biography (written by me!) and logo will be listed along with your contact info.
  2. If you are approved as an affiliate, that means I want to regularly check out your content or products so that I can share what I enjoy. Monthly I will do an affiliate spotlight showcasing the top content and products from all affiliates in a two minute video on twitter. My top 12 Two Minute History videos have over 600,000 combined views on twitter. Content featured in these videos is guaranteed to get a lot of views. 
    • This video posts to Intelexual Media and all social media handles. 
  3. The Intelexual Media twitter page follows you and retweets your content. I will also follow you from my personal account and retweet things here and there. My twitter impressions have been 16-26 million a month for the past three months.
  4. An official Intelexual Media Affiliate badge for your social media handles and/or website 
  5. Exclusive buy one month get one month free pricing for advertising slots on the main page of Intelexual Media.
  6. As a bonus, you'll get a 10% discount on all Intelexual Media merchandise for the duration of your affiliation! 
  7. Consult with me on branding and marketing for free! 

Tell Me More About Yourself!

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I'll review your application and content and be with you in the next 7-11 days if I approve. Thanks for your time!

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