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2020 Music Education Scholarship Application

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Scholarship Award Details and Rules

The Street Level VI (SLVI) has partnered with G-Clef Music Academy to provide music education scholarship opportunities for youth and adult residents of St. Thomas and St. Croix. 
The SLVI-G-Clef Music Academy Scholarship Program is open to St. Thomas youth (ages 3 to 17) and adults (ages 30 and up).  ALL applicants will also receive a certificate to attend ONE FREE one-hour workshop at G-Clef Music Academy led by island musicians.
Following are the scholarships that will be awarded based on each island:
One (1) adult (ages 30 and up) will be awarded a one-year scholarship of weekly one-hour in-person group PIANO lessons that take place on Thursdays at 1:00pm.  One (1) youth (ages 3 to 17) will be rewarded a one-year scholarship of weekly in-person PRIVATE music lessons in either piano, guitar, drums, steel pan, voice (singing), ukuele or Music Exploration (for ages 3 to 5).
Two (2) St. Croix youth (ages 3 to 17) will be awarded one-year scholarship of weekly in-person PRIVATE music lessons in either piano, guitar, drums, voice (singing), ukulele, or Music Exploration (ages 3 to 5).
Please fully complete the Scholarship Application.  One application per applicant.  The asterisk indicates required fields.  Rules apply.  Only applicants residing on the islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix will be considered.  Applicant's age must be within the age range of youth or adult to be considered for scholarship.  All awarded applicants must be first-time students of G-Clef Music Academy on St. Thomas and St. Croix.  Street Level VI and G-Clef Music Academy have the sole discretion and responsibility for selection of recipients.  All decisions final.
G-Clef Music Academy U.S. Virgin Islands Locations     Main Office Phone:  (340) 344-6449
St. Thomas:  8A Estate Thomas, Mandela Circle (upstairs of Cravin' Crabs)
St. Croix:  The Sunny Isle Shopping Center, #13 (near Rainbow and Clara's Special Occasions)
ALL scholarship applications must be electronically submitted to Street Level VI or G-Clef Music Academy by no later than Wednesday, September 30, 2020.
The scholarship awardee is to fully understand that in accepting this scholarship that:
1)  Private music lessons are scheduled based upon availability.
2)  The awardee is responsible to attend all weekly lessons (FOUR (4) lessons per Monthly Lesson Cycle) at G-Clef Music Academy on either St. Thomas or St. Croix consecutively for one-year in accordance to the designated scheduled day and time of music lesson, and in accordance to G-Clef Music Academy's Music Lesson Cycle.
3)  If a lesson is expected to be missed or missed due to unforeseen circumstances, the awardee will contact G-Clef Music Academy by phone, text or email to schedule a makeup lesson within the same current month of the missed lesson.
4)  Awardee must complete a G-Clef Music Academy Annual Registration Form and adhere to the application guidelines.
5)  The awardee will receive FREE music education and will be registered with G-Clef, therefore will receive notifications and updates regarding G-Clef Music Academy.
6) The scholarship will be terminated should the recipient not fulfill the above requirements.
7) If awardee is unable to complete the one-year music education scholarship, due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of God, SLVI and G-Clef will determine whether to restore (that is to continue the scholarship) or award the remaining period to another recipient, or terminate the scholarship.
8) It is responsibility of the scholarship recipient or awardee to provide G-Clef Music Academy with the correct mailing and email addresses, and to inform G-Clef of any changes in contact information, including phone, mailing or email address.
9)  All awardees MUST agree to the media release and certification statements of the scholarship application.  Once document is submitted, applicant accepts to agree to all rules, guidelines and policies of Street Level VI & G-Clef Music Academy Scholarship Program.

Media Release & Certification


This General Release is intended as a waiver of liability for Street Level VI and G-Clef Music Academy, its board of directors, administration, faculty, staff, contractors, volunteers, and donors/sponsors [hereinafter, collectively known as the “SLVI-Academy”] in their roles of planning, overseeing, instructing, and directing those events and activities normal to Academy’s music lesson operations of children and adults. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, in person music instruction, organized interactive activities, special performance events, Internet usage, and other typical academic and class activities.

Inherently, there are risks involved in all such activities and in signing this waiver, the parent/guardian acknowledges such risks and agrees to indemnify and to hold the SLVI-Academy harmless unless such claim is caused solely by the SLVI-Academy’s negligence. The parent/guardian further agrees that this General Release is given in exchange and consideration for the services provided or to be provided by the SLVI-Academy, including participation in the activities described above.

Additionally, the SLVI-Academy uses photographs and video footage of students:  featuring students participating in music lessons, performances, and SLVI-Academy-related activities in its publications, promotional materials, brochures, and on internet-based promotional sites, like Street Level VI's and G-Clef Music Academy’s website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media.

In SUBMITTING this scholarship application, I certifiy that I am 18 years or older and I certify that the information provided by me as the applicant or as the parent or guardian of the applicant is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.  Falsification of information will result in termination of any scholarship granted.  All scholarship monies from Street Level VI will be paid directly to G-Clef Music Academy.
Applicant's Signature (If applicant is under 18, parent/guardian of applicant provides signature) *
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SLVI & G-Clef Music Academy Scholarship Application