All entries before 9am on race day will be included in the draw, which will be posted on Facebook by 10:30am.   


New Dates: Sundays - August 28th, September 11th, and October 2nd @ 1pm
UPDATE: The peewee & youth series will be based off the horse/rider combination's best 2 races.  Riders can compete at all 3 races, but only the points from the best two races will be included for the series.  "Best" points will be based on the D that you have the highest ranking for a buckle. This change was made because our reschedule date of October 2nd conflicts with Sherry Cervi's Verndale Race.  Open & Polebending series will include points from all 3 races.
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Series Champion Awards for 5D in the OPEN, 3D in YOUTH, 2D in Polebending, and Champion PeeWee! Plus $100 added to the 1st open & PeeWee Awards!
Awards sponsored by Brent Holtz with Claws, Paws, and Hooves, Susan Mickelson, Moose Acres Stables, Jane Richmond, Waltraud Whitmore, Mollie Sislo, Potomac Pastures, Cowpoke Metal - in honor of Lillee, Buffalo Equine, Finish Line Farms, PEWC, Truly Cowgirl, Michael Agguire Photography, & Tina Quilling!
Each contestant must complete a separate online entry.
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Running more than one horse? 
Register your A-Horse first (the horse you'd like to run first) and then you'll have the option to register additional horses.  We will give you as much time between horses in the draw as we can.
Events & Nominations
NOMINATIONS are required for series' awards!  
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