RETI Training Institute Registration

Thank you for your interest in attending the provided classes, All classes will be online based and will have to be prepaid via Debit/Credit card. 
Classes must be paid prior to class via Credit/Debit card. After payment is processed, you will recieve the online classroom link. 
If you have questions about payment, please contact Cayla Long at 304-765-4502. 
After payment is processed, a reciept will be sent out via email along with the classroom link. 
(please note that there is a $1 processing fee for each class.) 
By signing this form you take responsibility in committing to the course selected above. You understand payment is due four (4) days before the date of the class and that you WILL NOT be refunded money. If class is reschueduled, you will be able to take a class without payment again. "No shows" will not be refunded. 
For all credit and debit cards used there will be a $1 processing fee per transaction. 
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Once registration is complete, The student will be charged within 24hrs and receive a receipt.  
There will be a $1 processing fee.