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Membership Categories

GENERAL MEMBERSHIP - Open to any person who is a Verbatim Reporter, CART Provider or Captioner. 🛈
STUDENT MEMBERSHIP - Any person who is engaged in the study of the profession of Verbatim Reporting, CART Provision or Captioning. 🛈
MILITARY MEMBERSHIP - Any person who is on active duty with and engaged as a Verbatim Reporter, CART Providers or Captioner, or related professional, exclusively for a branch of the Armed Forces. 🛈
ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Open to any person who is not a verbatim reporter, CART Provider or Captioner, or related professional, but who has an ongoing interest in these or related professions. 🛈
RETIRED MEMBERSHIP - Open to any general or military member who has been a member in good standing for ten years upon retirement. This membership is open to members who are no longer actively working in the field of Verbatim Reporting, CART Provision, Captioning or related professions. 🛈
MEMBERSHIP UPDATE FOR NEWLY CERTIFIED - Your current student membership will be upgraded to general membership and will extend for one year. 🛈

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