NES PTO Teacher Grant Program

Dear NES Teachers,
Back by popular demand for the 2022-2023 school year, the PTO has again funded the NES Teacher Grant Program to support curriculum and classroom enrichment. Each NES teacher is eligible to receive up to $100 to be used to benefit their NES students. Teachers may decide to pool funds for a larger initiative or to purchase shared materials, e.g., a program to support an entire grade level. Unused funds will not rollover to next year.
We have not defined a discrete list of approved items for purchase, however the intention is for these funds to enrich learning and to support our teachers' efforts in their classrooms. 
Example grants may include a kit or special supplies to supplement a science topic, pooled funds across a grade level to buy new math materials, document cameras, or even yoga mats for brain breaks.
- Submit your request using this form, by completing the fields below
- Requests will be reviewed at monthly PTO General meetings* so please submit at least five days prior (you do not need to attend the PTO meetings to present your request) 
- Decisions will be communicated within two days after PTO meetings, with a link to the reimbursement form
- Purchase your programs/supplies/materials and submit your reimbursement information
- Reimbursement checks will be issued to you
*PTO 2023 General meeting dates:
February 13, March 13, April 3, May 15
Please contact us at with questions or feedback.
Thank you!

Grant Request Form

Grant Request Form
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