The following rules are adhered to while the enVision support team creates a new user profile or provides users access to enVision, myNalco and E-data app.  
1. Access will not be given to public domain e-mail addresses, for e.g. gmail, hotmail, yahoomail etc
2. The domain name in the e-mail address should match the company name.  For e.g. if the John requires access to XYZCorp data then his e-mail address should be ending with  Any mismatch here will require additional documentation to show the connection between the user and the company for which access is being requested.  

3. There are a few ways to get access for the individuals that have been previously denied or where his email domain is not matching with the company name and those are as follows: 

  1. A letter or email from someone in the domain that matches the customer name allowing access to the requested domain
  2. Approval from the CAM for Corporat Accounts (an email that will be maintained on file)
  3. Approval from the IDM or AVP for Street Accounts (an email that will be maintained on file)
  4. Additionally, if they get the secondary name that matches the domain updated in SAP for the SoldTo would suffice as well.  The district would have to request the addition of the 2nd name through the Customer Setup group.  This gets replicated in CRM and that is where we validate the customer name.

Distributors & Support companies

  • Individuals can be given access to sites based on the methods above however if the distributor/support company is the name that exists in Nalco’s systems (CRM/SAP/MyNalco/enVision) there are issues.
    • If a distributor company has one SoldTo/Customer number for all of the customers they support, full access cannot be granted to their end customers because each end customer would have access to all customers that the distributor/support company supports.
    • In these cases only Lite Access can be granted.  A user with Lite Access will only receive alarms and reports from the controllers he has been given access to.  
    • To obtain Lite enVision Access for end users, request it by name through enVision support. Users with Lite access will NOT have the ability to log in to or to enVision. They will only have controller access if the rep provides local EZ Access on their 3D Trasar controller. They can be set up to receive reports and alarms from enVision and from their controllers.