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1) Overview
The NPO process is used to deliver non-standard equipment and services to our customers through use of the P-card.  District Manager approved purchases made with a P-card can be transferred to an account’s cost of product by creating an expense report in Concur. 
2) What is non-standard equipment or service?
Typical purchases range from miscellaneous fittings from a local hardware store to outside analytical services.  Standard pumps and feed equipment should continue to be ordered through Nalco.  DO NOT use P-cards for contractor services like tower cleanings.
3) What are District Managers accountable for?
DM’s should give prior approval on an account by account basis for using the NPO process (DM approval is not needed to have the NPO approved).  P-card expenses should be settled each month in Concur and approved by the DM.
A second line of transparency is stewardship reporting. These NPO expenses are included in the standard stewardship reports at the sold-to level. 
4) Internal Program Mechanics
An SAP Service Order Request (NPO) transaction is required to move expenses from a P-card to an account.  These NPOs will remain active indefinitely.  For this reason, they should only be tied to the sold-to and they should no longer be tied to a BA.  Exceptions will be allowed for one-time BAs and other approved situations.  The NPO is linked to an employee’s EIN to show in Concur.  Multiple employees can be linked to an NPO.
5) How do I know which NPO/SOR number is assigned to which account?
Sales Support Associates can search for service orders by the partner number in SAP using transaction IW73 “Display Service Order:  List of Orders”. 
6) What if I don’t see the appropriate NPO/SOR number in Concur?
First, confirm the NPO has the correct data for sold-to and EIN. Sales Support Associates have access to check this using SAP transaction IW33 to view the service order and by selecting the ‘partner’ tab.  If the service order is not assigned to the appropriate rep, the associate should do the following:
a) Send an email to that states for NPO# ___ please add EIN ___ and include the reps name.
Second, check if the rep has two EINs (one in Workday and a different one in Nalco SAP). If so, the associate should do the following:
a) Send an email to that states the NPO# ___ is not showing in Concur for Workday’s EIN ___ for Associate _____.
7) What if the district crosses the U.S./Canada border?
As with the case for standard Service Orders, a US based rep cannot apply P-card charges to an NPO tied to a Canada account and vice versa.