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Family Access Membership (FAM) Application

The deadline for FAM Applications is rolling. You may apply at any time during the year.
Returning FAM members must re-apply at the beginning of each season (August of each year). 


Preparation and Submission Requirements
  1. For Financial Assistance for Tickets Only:

    • Complete the FAM Application.
  2. For a Scholarship for Your Student to Attend Classes and Camps for the 2024-25 Season (August 2024 - August 2025):

    • Complete both the FAM Application and the Scholarship Application.
    • Note: After your scholarship level is determined, you will only need to complete the Scholarship Application for each new session of classes (e.g., Winter/Spring and Summer).

Note: Incomplete FAM Applications will not be processed until all required documentation is provided.




Need help finding transportation to Nashville Children's Theatre? Click here for WeGo public transit options to NCT. For a bus route map with NCT's address marked, click here.


Please upload your most recent tax document that displays your adjusted gross income and family size. This can either be in PDF or any other image format (JPEG, TIFF, etc)--please do not upload .tax or .t17 files (if scanning is not possible, a photo of this documentation is acceptable if the information needed is legible).

If you do not file taxes, documentation of income is also admissible.

Please mark out all social security security numbers before sending.


I, the undersigned, understand that my acceptance into NCT's Family Access Membership program is based solely on financial need and verify that all information provided in this application is accurate. *

QUESTIONS? Contact NCT's Education & Engagement Manager, Jackie Komos, at or 615-252-4670.

Nashville Children's Theatre is a Federally registered 501(C)3 charitable tax-exempt organization. FEIN 62-0637709.
Thank you for your application! We look forward to seeing you at NCT!