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Do you consider yourself a high-risk arrestee? For instance, are you undocumented, a high medical risk, etc.? If you select this box we will consider you a high priority.

Confidentiality Agreement

The term "Agreement," as used below, means this Nondisclosure Confidentiality Agreement in its entirety.
I understand that maintaining confidentiality is of critical importance in my work as a Legal Observer associated with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG). As part of my work as a Legal Observer, I may learn confidential information that is related to the legal work of attorney and legal-worker members of NLG, or that is related to political demonstrators and organizations, including clients of NLG attorney members (collectively referred to as "confidential information"). NLG has extended the offer to train and credential me as a Legal Observer on the condition that I abide by the terms of this Agreement.

I agree that I shall not violate the confidentiality interests of political demonstrators and organizations. The presumption is that all information regarding demonstrators and demonstrations is confidential unless I am explicitly told otherwise by an attorney representing the demonstrator(s). This Agreement shall not be construed to prevent me from discussing the general nature of my work as a Legal Observer or the general work of NLG. But under no circumstances may I reveal confidential information.

I understand that the Legal Observer program is an integral part of the legal support coordinated by NLG, and that such support includes but is not limited to attorney-client relationships between NLG attorney members and political demonstrators and organizations. NLG trains and coordinates Legal Observers in anticipation of litigation, for the purpose of documenting demonstrator and law enforcement conduct that may be relevant to criminal defense or civil litigation. NLG explicitly relies on this Agreement to maintain confidentiality in order to deploy me as a Legal Observer, and would not do so without such Agreement. I agree to report all relevant information to NLG in the manner explained in the Legal Observer Briefing. I further agree to contact NLG and cooperate in any efforts to quash subpoenas or other legal processes if I am ever served with such legal processes related in any way to my work as a Legal Observer. I also agree not to pursue litigation on my own relevant to my work as an NLG Legal Observer without first checking in and discussing the possibility with NLG.
By signing this Agreement, I represent that I will not (at any time) knowingly deliver any confidential information to any government entity, law enforcement agency, or agent of such. I hereby represent that I have fully disclosed in writing if I have previously acted or currently am acting as a government informant, or if I have been or currently am employed in any capacity by any (1) law-enforcement or security entity, or (2) prosecutorial agency.

I understand that any violation of this Agreement, or of confidentiality in general, may result in disciplinary action, including the termination of my role as a Legal Observer, disciplinary action by professional associations (including bar associations), and legal action against me.
If I have any questions about this Agreement, or about disclosure of any specific information, I understand that I am free and obligated to consult with the NLG National Office.
I have read this Agreement, and by signing below, I agree to abide by its terms.
I have read the Confidential Agreement and agree to its terms. *
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