Tutor Tracks

The Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring Program offers curriculum-based tutoring to South Dakota students during the 2023-2024 school year in:

  • Reading (offered to grades 1-8)
  • Grammar (offered to grades 3-8)
  • Math (offered to grades 4-6)

Tutors will meet one-on-one with students two times per week for 30 minutes over a seven-week period (14 sessions in all).

NOTE: This application is not a guarantee of acceptance. An administrator will be in touch to verify acceptance and schedule.

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Students in the Tutor Tracks program meet with their tutor during 30-minute sessions twice a week for seven weeks. Below please indicate your student’s standing availability during the Tutor Tracks term you’ve selected. Multiple options help us match your student with tutors.
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Tutor Tracks through the Dakota Dreams Online Tutoring program is provided at no expense to students in South Dakota. This opportunity is being administered by the South Dakota Board of Regents and funded with federal dollars available to the South Dakota Department of Education through the American Rescue Plan.