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At Wichwon, we pride ourselves on knowing and understanding business systems, especially anything related to a business's finances.   We built the free online tool, with the aim of business owners being able to quickly and easily see which system works best for them..... the jargon is removed, and most importantly is free of bias.  
For many business owners though, that's not enough.   The hardest and most crucial step is getting the setup right.   Have it wrong from the beginning and you'll forever be in a world of hurt, not only with the daily administration but in the hip pocket when you are wasting valuable $$$'s by having your accountant work through a mess.     Traditionally accountants have charged high fees to set up a file for their clients.   So, why not get back to what you do well and make money by doing it.   Leave the setup to us with a guaranteed 5 day turnaround for an amazingly good price.  
You'll also see we can do you a personalised explainer video - done direct from your data file.... we'll walk you through the daily tasks of what you need to know so you've always got something to go back to once we've assigned the data file over.
So, let's get started!
Which Services would you like Wichwon to provide to you?
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Do you wish to access the discounted rates - Simply use the Wichwon tool and purchase the software of your choice from the recommendations provided.
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Please note, you have requested that we attend to the setup of your accounting software subscription.   In order to do so, we require your credit card information - the monthly subscription will be charged directly by the software vendors, not Wichwon.

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