Future Friends - Matching Request!

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How does Future Friends work? Complete this short survey and let our expert match-makers find you a campus match! By providing short insights and informations about yourself, we'll pair you with a peer to make a new connection on campus!
When should I sign up by? To be successfully matched with a potential friend on campus, we encourage you to sign up as soon as posssible! Our first round of matching will kick off the week of September 25th. Sign-ups for Future Friends will close on Monday, October 16th!
What's the process like? You'll be emailed with your campus match and given weekly ideas and opportunities to launch your new connection across campus! Future Friends will host two fall socials for you to meet up at as well, receive free swag, and grab some food on campus.
What if I want to make more than one connection? Sounds great! Make sure to opt into re-matching in the survey. You'll get to remix your Future Friends pairs and receive new matches in October and November. You'll receive email updates with these new connections!
What if I have questions or concerns? For questions or concerns, please contact Grant Mitchell at gmitchell2@tulane.edu.
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