Arts in Motion
Community Youth Theater Arts Education, Inc
2020 - 2021 Arts in Motion Participation Agreement

To create a harmonious, safe and productive environment, the following guidelines are to be accepted by cast members and parents. The success and enjoyment of our production experience largely depends upon mutual respect, cooperation, and responsibility.

Fall/Spring Production Specific Rules

Dismissal from a role or from the production may result if these guidelines are not followed:

   1.  Participants must arrive on-time to all rehearsals unless they have listed a prior conflict on their registration form or notified the VP of Production or other designated person of a prior conflict.  Unexcused tardiness on more than three occasions will result in the forfeit of your role.

   2.  Participants will forfeit their role in the production if they miss rehearsals without listing a prior conflict on their registration/audition forms.  Conflicts that arise after the rehearsals begin must be given to the VP of Production and approved by the Stage Manager or other designated person within 48 hours of schedule distribution (illness is the only exception).

   3.  Teen drivers must park in the designated parking area, have the appropriate signed authorization from a parent and must sign themselves in and out each day.  

Rules for All Arts in Motion (AIM) Productions/Workshops/Camps/Events

   1. Participants will not possess or bring any form of weapon to any AIM function.  Participants will not strike or hit anyone or perform any action that would cause harm to other cast members or staff members.  IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL WILL RESULT FROM EITHER OF THESE ACTIONS.

   2.  Participants will treat other cast members and staff with courtesy and respect.

   3.  Participants will not bring, use, or be under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products including tobacco alternative products such as e-cigarette, vape pens, etc. 

   4.  Participants will keep electronic devices, including cell phones, stored during instructional times.  Electronics are NOT ALLOWED at any rehearsal.   

   5.  Parents who drive their children or carpool must walk into rehearsal and sign all cast members they are responsible for transporting both in and out of rehearsals.

   6.  Public displays of affection (PDA) WILL NOT be tolerated.

   7.  All participants will dress appropriately and wear appropriate dance or athletic shoes for all rehearsals.  NO OPEN-TOED or OPEN-BACK shoes allowed at any AIM event.

   8.  Participants are not permitted in areas not monitored by Arts in Motion volunteers.

   9.  All facilities will be kept clean and treated with care and respect.

 10. Participants will not be involved in any activity or promotion of any illegal activity at any time or location.

 11.  All AIM members agree to promote the organization in a positive way and agree that they will not publicly disparage or make negative comments about the AIM organization, another member of AIM, the AIM Board or the Production Team.  This includes verbal comments as well as posting on any social media or internet forum.  All issues should be brought to the attention of the appropriate AIM Board representative and dealt with in a professional manner.

Please Note:  Acts of Physical, Verbal or Emotional violence against a fellow cast member, board member or production team member may be grounds for permanent expulsion from the Arts in Motion program.  These acts WILL NOT be tolerated.

The Arts in Motion Board of Directors reserves the right to remove or expel any member at anytime at our discretion.

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