Coaches Code of Conduct


Ballparks of America refers to much more than a facility or the competition on the field.  The primary goal of our organization is to provide a positive environment for all of those who play this game.  As a coach of a youth sport, you have tremendous influence to shape the overall experience for your athletes.  It is our expectation that you do so in a positive manner.   All coaches and scorekeepers must sign this form and return it to Ballparks of America before they will be allowed on the field during games.

Violators of the above guidelines can expect to face the following penalties:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Confinement to the dugout (during the game)
  3. Expulsion from the game and/or facility for one or multiple games
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Coach Signatures

I/We have hereby read and fully understand the expected behavioral guidelines and the possible consequences for negative behavior:
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