Is Your Organization a Bridges Organization?



 TrueFalseNot Applicable
1. Clients do not have to wait long to be seen.
2. People are seen even when they are late.
3. People are greeted by staff who are bilingual and friendly.
4. Clients participate in evaluating the organization.
5. People have an accurate understanding of the purpose and process they are involved in.
6. The buildings are clean, restrooms are well-kept and rooms are comfortable.
7. Client advocates are provided when necessary.


 TrueFalseNot Applicable
1. The staff is well-trained.
2. All staff are polite and respectful of people they serve.
3. All staff participate in problem-solving and decision-making processes.
4. All staff participate in program development and setting new policies.
5. Staff are engaged at work and feel valued.
6. The staff culture is positive toward people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and cultures.
7. The staff has access to financial, health, emotional, and other services that stabilize their lives.
8. The staff is not stressed or overworked.
9. The staff is current with research and is knowledgeable.


 TrueFalseNot Applicable
1. The organization pays a living wage to hourly staff.
2. The organization uses very few part-time, contractual, and sub-contractual workers.
3. Employee benefits are provided to full-time hourly staff and salaried workers.
4. Very few services are outsourced.
5. The institution is known for attracting excellent clinical staff and other professionals.
6. The institution promotes the growth of all employees.
7. The institution has payment options for all economic levels—for example, sliding fee scales, scholarships, etc.
8. Technology is up-to-date and functions well.
9. Training is provided in cultural and economic diversity (race/ethnicity, economic class, gender, age, sexual orientation) and is evidenced in client care.
10. The institution provides security that is discreet yet effective and does not impede access to staff.
11. Staff is trained to deal with difficult clients and visitors.
12. The institution’s policies are enforced on a day-to-day basis.
13. The institution has open lines of communication across all levels.
14. The institution has a positive presence in the community.
15. The institution is a member of the Bridges collaborative in the community.
16. The institution has an endowment that also sponsors charity fundraising events for the institution.
17. The institution has an active quality improvement process.
18. The institution is affiliated with a research institution.
19. Clients and others who are served are invited to play leadership roles in improving practices and developing new approaches.

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