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Entry Level CMV Driver Training Products

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Item Descriptions

Entry Level Driver Training Package ($999)
Includes ALL individual items.  Discounted from regular price of $1200.
Standards and Resources Package ($399)
Includes Standards and Resources Only.  Discounted from regular price of $500.
Entry Level CMV Driver Training Standards  ($400)
DOWNLOAD - Purchase includes: 30 day access to download Entry Level CMV Driver Training Standards.
Standards are a set of 3 documents in PDF format. (1) Skill standards - 21 primary Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Operator functions/duties; (2) Curriculum Standards - requirements for entry level driver instruction and the 5 PTDI training units; (3) Certification standards - operational best practices and requirements for CMV training programs/schools
CDL-A Curriculum Training Kit  ($650)
DOWNLOAD - Purchase includes:  30 day access to download PTDI's CDL-A Curriculum Kit. CDL-A Curriculum Kit includes: Complete certification-ready curriculum for all five PTDI units; 5 syllabi for all classroom units, 1 syllabus for range unit, 2 syllabi for road/highway units, 26 classroom lesson plans, 10 range lesson plans, 10 road/highway lesson plans, a catalog of all PTDI units and corresponding syllabi and lesson plans, and overview explanation of the curriculum design. Organized and packed in a compressed .ZIP file for immediate download.
PTDI Certification Resources  ($100)
DOWNLOAD - Purchase includes:  30 day access to download PTDI's Entry Level Driver Training Certification Resources.  Resources include: Requirements for all 9 Certification Profile sections; list of required evidence to demonstrate how your course meets the standards; Documents and forms to support course certification and templates such as instructor, student and certificate forms.
PTDI's E-Z Guide to the Entry-Level Driver Regulation  ($55)
HARDCOPY - Purchase includes: Hardcopy, 50 page spiral bound book mailed to you; shipping included in price; outlines the United States FMCSA Entry Level Driver Rule (also known as ELDT). Explains the minimum requirements for driver trainees and entities that train entry-level drivers. Explains training minimums for CDL class A, B and endorsements. Provides chart that maps PTDI standards to the new ELDT rule.

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