Kallah 2023 One-Day Workshop Application

Welcome to the request for proposals for one-day workshops for the ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal Kallah, to be held on the campus of West Chester University in West Chester, Pennsylvania, from July 3 - 9, 2023.
This form will be open until 11:59 pm ET on Sunday, December 5. We will be unable to accept late submissions.
All are welcome to apply to lead a one-day workshop. Please note that one day workshops will take place on the following dates/times. If you are selected, you will be placed in ONE of these time slots.
- Tuesday morning (July 4) - 2.5 hour time slot
- Tuesday afternoon (July 4) - 2.5 hour time slot
- Wednesday morning (July 5) - 2.5 hour time slot
- Wednesday afternoon (July 5) - 2.5 hour time slot
- Thursday morning (July 6) - 2.5 hour time slot
- Thursday afternoon (July 6) - 2.5 hour time slot
- Friday morning (July 7) - 2.25 hour time slot (slightly shorter to allow time to prepare for Shabbat)
- Friday afternoon (July 7) - 2.25 hour time slot (slightly shorter to allow time to prepare for Shabbat)
- Saturday afternoon (July 8) - 2.5 hour time slot (Shabbat workshops only)
Note that the final workshop slot takes place DURING Shabbat. If you select that option below, note that that indicates your willingness to lead your workshop during Shabbat. If you are not willing to lead your workshop during Shabbat, then please select the appropriate answer below.
We encourage you to integrate the four worlds–physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual–in how you present your program. We particularly welcome applications that incorporate one or more of the following modalities: music, traditional and contemporary Jewish text, psycho-spiritual process, art, ritual, movement, connection with nature, storytelling, writing, healing, meditation and prayer. We also encourage you to utilize the group process so that participants and the relationships they form also become a teaching tool.
If you would like to review this application in full before submitting, you may download the application here. Please note that this link is NOT the application, and is simply for your convenience to prepare for the application. Applications submitted via email or other forms will not be accepted. You MUST come back here to fill out your application for it to be considered complete.
Please also note that one-day workshop leaders are not provided with any honorarium or stipend for their work. Kallah is designed as a community created by the members of that community, and we are thankful for all who express a desire to step up and assist in leadership.
If you are co-teaching with another presenter, please consult with one another and fill out this form only ONCE.
Whether or not you are selected to present a one-day workshop, we encourage you to register for Kallah at www.aleph.org/kallah. It is truly an experience like no other, and one not to be missed!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at kallah@aleph.org. Looking forward to seeing you in West Chester!

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