Nominations for 2024 Annual Convention

All members of the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh may submit names for consideration to the Nominating Committee. Before submitting your name, please let the person you are nominating know that you are doing so. Once a name has been submitted, the Nominating Committee will screen and confirm the nominees. Then our office will follow up to put together our Voter's Guide for our 2024 Annual Convention.
We are seeking nominees for the following positions, beginning 2025:

                                                                                                 Clergy                        Lay
Array                                                                                          2                                  1
Board of Trustees                                                                    0                                  1
Committee on Constitution and Canons                             1                                  1
Standing Committee                                                               1                                  1
Deputy to Provincial Council                                                  1                                  2
Alt. Deputy to Provincial Council                                           1                                  2

For more information on our leadership bodies, including a list of current members, click here.

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