Thank You!

Thank you for partnering in ministry and mission with the Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh. We value your partnership and appreciate hearing more about your work each year. This is most easily accomplished through a a guest post on our website blog.

Here are the guidelines and expectations previously communicated:

  • Submission details - We welcome two articles per year from your organization. Your articles can be submitted at any time throughout the year. Please allow a 2-week window between your submission date and the date it's posted on our blog for revisions and publication. Again, we want to post a maximum of 2 posts from any partner per month, so be aware of that if your post is time sensitive. You're welcome to check with Kristen in advance about scheduling.
  • Photos/Graphics - With your article, please send in, at least, your most current logo below. And absolutely send over all relevant pictures to your article. While we can't guarantee we will post all the photos, we appreciate having more to work with rather than less.
  • Length - Technically, blog articles have an unlimited length. However, keep in mind how long you continue reading an article and what subject matter makes a difference in you wanting to read a longer or shorter post. Use that as your guide to length and content as best you can. Also know, Kristen remains the blog editor, and may reach back out to request revisions or clarifications before publishing.
  • Relevance - While you're welcome to send us any story or update you like, please keep in mind more positive engagement happens when you make relevant connections between your organization and our audience. Our audience is mostly clergy and congregational leaders in the Pittsburgh area, with a chunk of folks who are connected in other ways. It is also likely that much of our audience will not be aware of you, so it's always a good idea to, at a minimum, include your mission/vision statement and/or a brief intro in each post.
  • Calls to action - Similar to the pre-convention report, we will gladly publish a request or call to action inviting our people to stay in touch with you through your email list, social media, whatever you have in that regards. We will not publish financial appeals on behalf of your organization.
  • Promotion - Once an article is posted, Kristen will promote the post in the week it is posted by highlighting it in our weekly newsletter and our social media accounts. You can extend the post reach significantly by commenting on the blog and sharing it to your own social media outlets.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Communications, Kristen Parise via email at or via phone at (412) 281-6131 x135.

Thank you again for your persistent work for the Gospel!

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