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Please note that you will need to verify that you are within the Groupon promotional mileage range BEFORE purchasing the Groupon. If you are outside of the range, you will be given the Groupon promotional price but it will not be able to but redeemed through groupon. Groupon requests outside of our promotional area will not be further discounted. No other promotions or coupons or gift cards are valid with Groupon purchases. Please Call 614-721-5152 with any questions. *
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Emergency water extractions are priced by the length of time and work to remove the water. The base rate is $150 plus $100 per hour minimum.

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Please note that Groupons are not able to be combined with any other offer. They can only be used for residential locations. If you already purchased the Groupon, sales tax will be added to this form, as you will not have been charged that through Groupons voucher. This order form will still show the total even if you have stated that a Groupon was already purchased.

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*An area is defined as a room, hall, large walk-in closet, foyer, loft or any other room under 12ft X 12ft
L-shaped, combination rooms, or great rooms are considered 1.5 or 2 areas based on size.
Steps: Enter the quantity of steps you have. 
Our prices are based on the assumption that there will be furniture in the space. Some empty areas my incurr additional charges as a completely empty room takes more time and resources to clean.
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Would you like a scented deodorizer added? We put the long lasting scent in our final conditioning solution so it's steam blasted straight into the fibers and set to release it's maximum freshness as it dries. 🛈
Would you like to add an extra layer of protection to your carpet with Scotch Guard?
Click the "?" for more information. 🛈
Please note that stain removal is not included in this service or price, yet most stains are removed through our cleaning process. The cost of the stain removal is not relative to the cost of the cleaning. It will be based on the complexity of the stain and could ultimately even cost more than the initial cleaning. Our technitian will help you identify the difference between a stain and wear and tear in the carpet or upholstery.
Some stains that do not come out through regular cleaning will have to be specially removed and will be an additional cost, determined by size and difficulty of stain. THE COST OF THE STAIN REMOVAL IS NOT RELATIVE TO THE COST OF THE CLEANING. In some cases in fact, it may cost more than the cleaning due to the process needed to safely and effictively remove the stain. Price of stain removal can not be determined before the original cleaning, as most regular household stains come out during the initial cleaning process.
Do you have stains that need removed? This is an additional cost based on type of stain and time. All estimates will be made on sight.
Please list and best describe each type of stain you have. 🛈

Upholstery Cleaning

What items do you need serviced? List 1 or many below.
If you do not need the removable pillows or cushions cleaned, the service will be %50 less than listed cost.
If choosing to add to your upholstered items, please type the total quantity of items you are adding the services to.
Scotch-Guard is a chemical solution that is added at the end of the cleaning. It is what helps lengthen the life of the item. When you spill something on an item that has been treated with Scotch Guard, it is more likely to bead up, giving you the opportunity to blot up right away, versus soaking right in and causing a stain. Your furniture comes from the manufacturer already treated with Scotch Guard but over time with normal use, it wears away. It is always suggested by the manufacturer to add this back into the item.
Some stains that do not come out through regular cleaning will have to be specially removed and will be an additional cost, determined by size and difficulty of stain.
Do you have stains that need removed? This is an additional cost based on type of stain and time. All estimates will be made on sight.

High Temp Pressure Washing

High temprature pressure washing (HTPW) can be performed on many items and areas on the exterrior of the home. We have listed the most common items here. Pressure washing at a high temprature is more effective than cold washing and helps kill harmful bacteria.
Our HTPW process: First we spray a highly concentrated plant safe chemical solution to the item/area, to kill and loosen the mold/mildew from what we are about to wash. We then begin our HTPW to remove the mold or mildew. For best results, on furniture or statues we may attempt to use a bristle brush to clean before HTPW.
What would you like pressure washed?

Tile and Grout

Tile floors are priced per area. There is a service charge of $30.00 added to the first area. If you add in a second or more areas, each area is $29.99.
Please choose the service you need.

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*Some promotional discounts will only be taken off after service completion.

A final note...

Carpet Elves uses the secure Square card reader for credit card transactions. You may also pay with cash, or check. The driver does not carry change (neither bills or coin) for cash transactions. Checks will be deposited immediately but may take up to 48 hrs to impact your account. In each instance, please prepare accordingly.
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