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Did you know that vaccinations are compulsory if your family want to receive the Government Rebate. If your child is not vaccinated, they pose too much of a risk to the other children at The Village Kids and will not be allowed to enrol (unless you have a medical certificate from your doctor stating the medical reasons why your child cannot be immunised). Please acknowledge you have read this by checking the box below. *
Are Your Child's Immunisations up-to-date? *

Does the child have a diagnosed disability? *

Has your child had any operations? *
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From time to time, State and Federal government; who fund this service, also seek information on the characteristics of families who use The Village Kids. This is used in planning new policies and resources to better the centre. To help provide accurate information, please answer the following question: Would extra assistance, such as; Occupational Therapy, Physio Therapy, Dietitian, be advantageous to your child's development? *
Would any of the following therapies be advantageous to your child's development?

Please check which allergies relate to your child
Does Your Child Suffer from Celiac Disease? *
If your child has Celiac Disease, we will cater to their dietary needs. Please acknowledge you have read this. *
A Service Support Plan will be developed during your child's orientation period (3 - 4 weeks) to ensure the needs of each individual child are able to be accommodated. Parents are required to be present during the child's orientation process to ensure that individual requirements of the child are identified and educators become familiar with any additional support required. Please acknowledge below that you have read this. *

Has your child experienced 'day care' other than with the close family? *
How would you like your CCS to be paid? *
Do you give permission for your child to participate in celebrations or events such as birthday, Christmas, Easter? *
I give permission for staff to apply 50+ sunscreen *
I give permission for staff to apply a band-aid when required *
I give permission for my child's photograph to be taken whilst in the care of The Village Kids. These photographs may be used for promotional purposes. *
I give permission for my child to participate in excursions from the Centre either by foot, bus or public transport, within the local community. *
I understand my child may appear in another child's group learning photos which may be sent home at the end of the year. *
I understand that the Policy documents are available to read at The Village Kids Centre. *
I have read The Village Kid's centre guidelines in the Family Information Booklet and agree to abide by them. *
I agree to notify The Village Kids if my child is absent from their enrolled care *
I give permission for staff to seek emergency medical, hospital or ambulance services for my child. *
I agree to notify The Village Kids in the event of my child having an infectious illness (diagnosed by a medical practitioner) *
I accept that The Village Kids has a duty of care in the event of attending the centre under the influence of alcohol or drugs and that an alternative person is required to collect and/or transport my child. *
I agree to notify The Village Kids of any changes to my personal information *
I agree to pay (2) weeks in advance on my fees and charges and stay in advance throughout my child's entire enrolment at The Village Kids. *
I understand I must contact Centrelink to ensure I am registered to receive Child Care Subsidy (CCS). *
I understand that if I am late to collect my child at closing time, I will incur a fee of $5/minute *
I understand that all of the following is provided in my fee: (Please check boxes to acknowledge you have read them) *
I understand that if late fees apply, they are not entitled to be incorporated into the CCS and that I have to pay these fees to The Village Kids as an extra charge. *
All fees at The Village Kids are individual to each child; depending on their CCS (Child Care Subsidy). These charges can be discussed with the Director at any time. The Director will then email you an enrolment letter which states the charges clearly. *
Payment Of Security Bond: I understand that as per Centre Policy, I must pay $100 per child/$200 per family in care to be kept by The Village Kids as a Bond which will be refunded on notified departure of care providing that there is not an outstanding balance to my account. If there is a debt left on my account, I understand the centre will pass the details of my account on to the debt collection agency at the time and I will incur an extra 33% administration fee. **Two weeks' notice must be given prior to leaving the centre** *
I declare that the information provided on this enrolment form is current. I understand that all information regarding my child is confidential and will only be used for the care, education and assistance of my child. I understand that I am able to access a copy of information pertaining to my child at any time. *
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