Athletic Team Permission & Payment Form Spring Teams

Important information to note:

  • Athletes must attend 100% of team practices and games, unless excused by coach in advance.
  • Athletes must attend the final championship tournament day, as well as the playoffs as scheduled. The dates for these can be found on each team’s online schedule.
  • Practices and contests may sometimes take place off-site. These venues include opposing schools, softball and baseball diamonds, tennis courts, running trails, community tennis courts, community track and field venues, and others.
  • Athlete MUST be in 100% BVG attire at ALL practices and contests. Should your child require a sweatshirt/jacket or pants at practice, these must also be Bayview Glen track suits or sweatshirts and sweatpants. No other clothing will be allowed. Full Track suits MUST be worn for all games (home and away).
  • For Softball and Slow-Pitch, it is strongly recommended that athletes wear pelvic protection. A jock/jill is required for anyone playing the catcher position. For Baseball, a jock is mandatory.
  • For Softball, Slow-pitch, Baseball, Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer and Basketball, it is STRONGLY recommended that athletes wear a mouthguard. 
  • Mouthguards are MANDATORY for all field hockey players

Player Information

If you select either Senior Boys Baseball or Senior Girls Softball, you must download this waiver and return completed form to your coach at tryouts.
Permission to Participate in Bayview Glen's Athletic Program: *

Medical Information

My child has suffered a concussion in the past, if yes, please describe the details, date, and severity of the injury. *
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Anaphylaxis/Epipen Necessary? *
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Asthma: *
Inhaler expected to be with child at all times? *
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Pickup Authorization

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