Athletic Team Permission & Payment Form Fall Teams

Important information to note:

  • Athletes must attend 100% of team practices and games, unless excused by coach in advance.
  • Athletes must attend the final championship tournament day, as well as the playoffs as scheduled. The dates for these can be found on each team’s online schedule.
  • Practices and contests may sometimes take place off-site. These venues include opposing schools, softball diamonds, tennis courts, running trails, the Donalda Club, NuStream Badminton Centre, Shendy’s Swim Centre, North Toronto Christian School.
  • Athlete MUST be in 100% BVG attire at ALL practices and contests. Should your child require a sweatshirt/jacket or pants at practice, these must also be Bayview Glen track suits or sweatshirts and sweatpants. No other clothing will be allowed. 
  • For Field hockey, mouthguards are mandatory.
  • For Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Slow-pitch, and Ultimate Frisbee, it is STRONGLY recommended that athletes wear a mouthguard.

Player Information

Permission to Participate in Bayview Glen's Athletic Program: *

Medical Information

My child has suffered a concussion in the past, if yes, please describe the details, date, and severity of the injury. *
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Anaphylaxis/Epipen Necessary? *
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Asthma: *
Inhaler expected to be with child at all times? *
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Pickup Authorization

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