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Upon the nonpayment of any payment when due, the customer authorizes the clerk or any attorney of any court of record to appear for it and enter judgment by confession without prior notice or opportunity for prior hearing for the obligations then outstanding, together with interest, court costs and attorney's fees equal to 30% of the sum of the obligations then outstanding, hereby waiving and releasing, to the extent permitted by law, all errors and all rights of exemption, appeal, stay of execution, inquisition and extension upon any levy on real estate or personal property to which the customer otherwise may be entitled under the laws of the United States of America or of any state or possession of the United States of America now in force or which hereafter may be passed. The authority and power to appear for and enter judgment against the customer shall not be exhausted by on or more exercises thereof, or by any imperfect exercise thereof, and shall not be extinguished by any judgment entered pursuant thereto. Such authority and power may be exercised on one or more occasions, from time to time, in the same or different jurisdictions, as often as the creditor shall deem necessary or desirable, for all of which this agreement shall be a sufficient warrant.

The undersigned hereby authorizes the release of any information concerning its credit to Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC, its officers, agents and employees in connection with the credit application filed here in. A copy of this authorization may be accepted by you as if it were and original.


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To induce approval of this Credit Application, and in consideration for Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC extending credit to the above named Applicant, we, the undersigned, do, hereby jointly, severally and personally guarantee the prompt and timely payment of all monies due Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC from the Applicant as a result of credit extended by Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC, to said Applicant, and we hereby agree to indemnify Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC against any and all damage, loss, expense (including attorney's fees) and/or liability sustained by Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC by reason of, or related to, the Applicant's failure to pay all monies owed to Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC, when due. Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC may enforce this Personal Guaranty against the undersigned or any of them, jointly or severally, whether or not any action is taken by Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC against the Applicant.

This Personal Guaranty is continuing in character and can be terminated only by written notice by registered or certified mail to Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC, P.O. Box 18408, Baltimore, Maryland 21237 and given thirty (30) days in advance of such termination. This Personal Guaranty shall bind our respective heirs, administrators, personal representatives, successors and assigns, and shall ensure to the benefit of Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC, successors and assigns. Should any payment required of the above Applicant hereunder not be made when due, the undersigned agrees to pay in addition to the amount due, any and all costs incurred by Baltimore Recycling Center, LLC, including reasonable attorney's fees.
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