Success Closet Request Form

The United Way's Success Closet program collaborates with administration, success coaches, social workers, and nurses at area schools, as well as employees from local non-profit- organizations, to identify and meet the individual needs of Mower County children. 
Please note this form is to be submitted by school or organization STAFF ONLY. We encourage parents and guardians to contact their child's school in order to make the request.
To request items, there are two options:
1. Continue to fill the form provided below to submit your request.
2. If you prefer an in-person visit to the Success Closet, please call 507-437-2313 and schedule an appointment with Karem from the United Way staff.
This form is to be submitted by  STAFF ONLY. 
For parents/guardians, please add your contact information below. A United Way staff member will be in contact with you to find the best way to deliver the needed items for your student(s).