Action Team Overview

Thank you for responding to the Hometown Food Security Project's action team interest form. Please review an overview of action teams and opportunity areas below:
Initial Action Teams
Mobile Food: Eliminating access barriers through mobile food strategies and distributions
SNAP Advocacy: Increasing awareness of and participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Volunteer Mobilization: Engaging community members in collaborative efforts to address hunger through volunteerism
Priority Areas
Access & Alignment: Increase access to food for all residents of Mower County by ensuring efficient distribution systems and promoting collaboration among food providers and community organizations.
Education & Empowerment: Provide education and resources to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and skills necessary to access support with confidence and make healthy food choices
Inclusivity & Dignity: Promote an inclusive and dignified approach to addressing food insecurity by recognizing and respecting the diverse needs and circumstances of individuals and communities in Mower County.
Choice & Autonomy: Empower individuals and families experiencing food insecurity to have greater choice and autonomy in accessing and obtaining the food that meets their specific needs and preferences.
Vibrant Community: Foster a vibrant and resilient community in Mower County by leveraging collective resources and engaging community members in collaborative efforts to address hunger.

Interest Form

Note: Your response does not guarantee your participation on an action team; instead, it equips the Hometown Food Security Coalition with a list of caring community members to call upon at various points of need
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