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This form is to sign your agency up so it has access to post IT requests.  Please answer the questions to the best of your ability.  If you are an individual who needs access to a portal please email  If you need any guidance, please call Covendis Customer Support at (866) 268-3634. We will contact you if we have any clarifying questions.

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Workflow Approval

Please use this section to describe any approval steps your requests need to go through prior to posting, and any approval steps which need to be completed completed prior to a contractor beginning their assignment. Currently Covendis has standard approval steps for contractor's which include signed technololgy policies and I-9 verification.  Additional approval steps might include: Procurement approval, delegation thresholds, NDA's or other required documents.
Is this for the requisition or accepted proposal?
Is this for the requisition or accepted proposal?
Is this for the requisition or accepted proposal?
Is this for the requisition or accepted proposal?
If there are any internal documents that need to be signed by selected contractors, you may upload them here. (Employment waivers, non-disclosures, HIPPA form, Business Associate Agreements, etc.)

System Functionality

Do you have job templates you will be using? If yes, you may attach the position titles and descriptions below:

Is there a specific time card template Covendis needs to use for hourly contractors? (I.E. overtime calculations, activities based pricing, etc.)
Do you use your own time keeping system? If so, please describe how often the feed needs to be uploaded and audit controls for sending and receiving.

Background Checks

Covendis will facilitate background checks for the State of Connecticut. Would you like Covendis to facilitate background checks for your Agency? *

The following is a list of the contract requested background checks.
Employment Verification: 7 years
Employment Eligibility
Education Verifcation
License Verification
State and County Criminal History to 7 years
Sex Offender Registry
Federal Criminal History to 7 years
Court Records Check
If your agency would prefer different background checks or additional background checks, please indicate your preferences below.
US Verification Services:
International Services:
Criminal Check Services:
Drug Screening Services
Miscellaneous Services
International Services

Accounts Payable Information

Does your agency use P Cards? *
What is your agency's preferred method of payment? *

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