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This tool is intended to provide you with a quick estimate for Activitel Services. You will have the option to obtain a formal estimate from an Authorized Activitel Partner at the end of this form. 
An Activitel Partner will fully audit your existing system (if applicable) for accurate and comprehensive translation to the Activitel Services. 
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Services and Features


Canada-wide calling is included in all services.

SIP Trunking:  SIP Trunking is a service that works with either your IP enabled PBX or by converting your traditional PBX with either an IP gateway (for POTS line conversion) or an Integrated Application Device (for PRI conversion). The PBX must be able to connect to the Activitel SIP Trunking platform over the IP network.

SIP Trunking Pre-requisites: Internet connectivity and a LAN for your PBX to connect to the Internet.

Cloud PBX:  Cloud PBX, also referred to as Hosted PBX is a service that is implemented without an on-premises phone system. Instead, each phone, which must be IP enabled, registers to the Activitel Cloud PBX using the IP network. The system call flow, phone number routing and extension assignment is all done on the Activitel Cloud PBX platform.

Cloud PBX Pre-requisites: Internet connectivity and a LAN for your IP phones to connect to the Internet.

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Generally, every phone or IP device will require a unique extension.
In your response, consider user extensions, unattended phones like a
guest phone or warehouse phone, and fax machines or other analog
devices that you plan to convert to IP. 

Phone Numbers

Phone Numbers:
You can port (transfer) existing phone numbers from your current provider to Activitel and you can get new phone numbers from Activitel. Specify how many of each you require:


Click the link below to see more information about each device.
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SIP Conversion Devices

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IP Phones

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Other IP Devices

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IP DECT Phones

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One VTech Cordless Base Station is required for every 4 DECT phones of either type. The Base Station supports both the VDP650 and the VDP658.   
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