Film Permit Application

A completed filming application must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the proposed date of your production schedule.
Appropriate fees will be due for the associated space being rented for filming.
Fees can be found on our website.
Filming days and times are subject to any and all established park/facility hours or any event scheduled and permitted prior to the submission of this application.
The Town is unable to endorse persons or products. However, for filming on Town, private, commercial, or residential property, the Town of Fountain hills requests to be included in the filming credits. Please add to the credits "Filmed on location in the Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona. No endorsements intended.

Required Attachments

Applicant Information

Production Information

Does the production include Special Effects? *
Does this production impact pedestrian or public access? *
Special Effect Type: Please check all the apply *
Does this production require a street closure? *
Production space will occupy: *
Closure Type: *

Waste Management/Recycling

You are responsible for properly disposing of all waste and garbage throughout the term of your rental, and immediately upon conclusion of the production, the area must be returned to a clean condition. Should you fail to perform adequate clean-up or damage occurs to the Town property, you will be billed at full recovery rates.

Use of Town of Fountain Hills Logo

Are you requesting the use of any logo, slogan, or design? *
You must obtain the Town of Fountain Hills' permission before any use of the Town of Fountain Hills logo, slogan, or design. If you receive such permission, then you have a limited license for such use and you must use the logo. the slogan, or design for that purpose. You must use the exact dimensions/formatting as the Town of Fountain Hills uses including either the ™ or ® designated by the Town. Your use shall not, in the Town's sole discretion, reflect poorly or adversely on the reputation of the Town of Fountain Hills. You must also add "Used with permission by the Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona. No endorsement intended. The Town of Fountains reserves the right to require you to make changes or to remove its logo, slogan, or design if you do not meet the requirements. By signing this application, you agree to these requirements. *
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