Town of Fountain Hills Vendor Interest Application

The Fountain Hills Community Services staff will review all applicants based on booth presentation, appropriateness to them of the event, prior participation at Fountain Hills events, product offering, and pricing. 

Applicants Accepted on an Ongoing Basis Up to 3 weeks Prior to Each Event.

(The Town of Fountain Hills REQUIRES you to have a valid business license to sell in Town.) You can obtain one online when needed.

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Small Community Events with an asterisk * vary in price. Email Ryan Preston for pricing.
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Application Checklist

The following information is REQUIRED for all applications to be considered. 

Signature and Certification

This is an annual interest form only. Submission does not guarantee acceptance;
All applications are contingent until payment, business license, and certificate of insurance is received by designated deadline.
As the authorized agent for the above named organization, I agree to hold the Town of Fountain Hills harmless for theft of, damage to, loss or destruction of merchandise, materials, equipment or personal property which I may have on the grounds of a Town of Fountain Hills special event and any injury or damage that might be caused to others arising from my organization’s participation in this event. I also understand that the Town of Fountain Hills will not be held responsible for sales, weather, or other unforeseen revenue losses and does not guarantee revenues or numbers of event patrons. I also certify that the above named organization is in compliance with all State health and tax regulations and if applicable, operations are appropriately permitted by Maricopa County. All requests are subject to acceptance by Town of Fountain Hills staff and their decision is final. I understand that my signature holds me responsible for the information on this agreement. By signing below I agree to abide by the rules and conditions set forth by the Town of Fountain Hills.
If you are accepted and have been formally notified, additional fees may be paid in one of two ways: Credit Card or Check (which can be made directly to the Town of Fountain Hills).
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