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Business License Application/Renewal Form

Section I - Business Information
Has this license expired? *
Physical Business Location
Do not use a PO Box or Route Number. Physical address where business or rental property is located. Fair vendors cannot use the address of the fair. If more than one rental property, enter one address on this application and attach supplement listing all others in Fountain Hills.
STOP...You selected "In Town Business" as the license type but your physical location is not within the Town of Fountain Hills. You must select "Out of Town Business" as the License Type before continuing.

Section II - Mailing Address & Phone Number
Is the Business Mailing Address the same as the Physical Business Address above? *
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona • 16705 E. Avenue of the Fountains, Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 • Tel: (480) 816-5100 • Fax: (480) 837-3145