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Fountain Hills Small Business Grant Program Application

Before continuing with this application, you must certify on behalf of your business that it meets the following Essential Requirements of the program, including that the business:
Is located within the boundaries of Fountain Hills? *
Is operating as a For-Profit entity? *
Has a Fountain Hills Business License? *
Was operating in Fountain Hills on or before January 1, 2020? *
Consisted of twenty-five (25) or fewer Full Time Equivalent (FTEs) employees as of February 15, 2020? *
Generated less than $3M in gross sales/revenues in Calendar Year 2019? *
Has not received any SBA and/or federal grants or loans related to COVID-19 relief (EIDL or PPP)? (A response of “Yes” indicates your company has not received this type of assistance.) *
Is not affiliated with another business under common ownership/management that has or will apply for a Fountain Hills Grant? (A response of “Yes” indicates that your company is not affiliated with another business that has or will apply.) *
Town of Fountain Hills - Economic Development Department