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If you wish your opportunity to be considered into our Exclusive Network please follow the instructions below.
There are two types of submissions below.
1. If you wish for your opportunity to be considered for acceptance into our remote Global Network.
2. If you wish to personally attend a DON Elite Rooms Monaco event.
Very important we only accept opportunities direct from owners.
Definition - Owner of opportunity, CEO, or similar level executive of a company or directly mandated individual. 
We consider all applications but referrals from our partners and Executive Team take priority.
If you have been referred please indicate below.
Sophisticated Investor Disclaimer Direct Opportunities Network Corporation & DON Elite Online Platform offers no investment advice to individual investors, their associated groups, or the individual businesses seeking investment. This type of investment activity may expose an individual to a significant risk of losing all of the property or other assets invested. The communications within the ‘Direct Opportunities Network Corporation' should be reviewed only by parties who are (i) Certified High Net Worth individuals, (ii) Certified or Self-certified Sophisticated Investors, (iii) High Net Worth Persons (as described above), (iv) Associations of High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors, or (v) “authorized persons” within the meaning of the Act (together with the “Authorised Recipients”). The communications in the 'Direct Opportunities Network Corporation' should not under any circumstances be read by or distributed to any party other than the Authorised Recipients. We strongly advise that you seek independent advice from an appropriate, qualified adviser. Direct Opportunities Network Corporation takes no responsibility for the information/forecasts/opinions/drawings/statements or any form of communication provided by the businesses be this through face-to-face pitches, through the 'Direct Opportunities Network Corporation' or any other form of communication and this information is the sole responsibility of the business concerned. *
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